Grandmaster E.S. Moon founded the AIMA in 2006. His intentions for this association are to further the knowledge and true practice of Martial Arts. There has been a spark of interest in recent years into the Martial Arts world through the popularization of Mixed Martial Arts and other competitive Martial Arts styles. Through the glorification of these styles, it has become easy for Martial Artists to lose sight of the core values of their practice. Respect, discipline, self-control, perseverance, and continuous self-improvement are the main core values that Grandmaster E.S. Moon wants to instill into his students. It is our belief as an association, that Martial Artists who possess these values possess far more than any kick or punch could ever measure to. While we emphasize disciplined training and practical effective skills, we try to teach our students to see the bigger perspective. The students in our program are taught a well-rounded skill set that encourages the growth of an individual into a great Martial Artist. Martial Arts is more than memorizing routines and knowing how to kick or punch. It is the sum of a strong body and an even stronger mind. The strongest or most physically impressive are not always the best Martial Artists. We strive to always teach our students to discern right from wrong, to improve their bodies to become physically stronger and more capable, and most importantly to have fortitude. This is the guideline that Grandmaster E.S. Moon has set. This is the standard we strive to live up to each and every day.